Sanitisers are an essential part of your pool maintenance program. A sanitiser protects swimmers by killing algae and bacteria that can grow in the pool. Krystal Chem has an extensive range of sanitisers in various sizes.



Krystal Chem Granular Chlorine & Ready Chlor Dry Chlorine

  • Krystal Chem Granular Chlorine is a fast dissolving low residual, high quality product.
  • Will not cause cloudiness in your pool water like cheaper brands on the market.
  • Extremely effective against algae and bacteria.
  • Can be used as shock treatment agent and algicide.

Pack sizes: 2kg, 4kg, 10kg








Once a Week Tablets

  • Use as a secondary sanitiser in conjunction with Krystal Chem Granular Chlorine, Readychlor or Krystal Chem Liquid Chlorine.
  • Great as a standby sanitising system when away on holidays- See Tips & Tricks section, Away on holidays.
  • Contains stabiliser so will increase the longevity of chlorine in swimming pool.

Pack sizes: 1kg, 2kg




Krystal Chem Liquid Chlorine

  • Krystal Chem Liquid Chlorine is a powerful instant chlorinating compound.
  • Use as a primary sanitiser or as a secondary sanitiser if you have a salt-water pool.
  • Great for restoring dull slightly green pools and is extremely effective against algae and bacteria.
  •  Liquid Chlorine has limited shelf life however Krystal Chem Liquid Chlorine ensures maximum performance and reliability.

Pack sizes: 5lt, 20lt



  • Add regularly to your pool to kill chloramines and restore pool water to pristine condition.
  • A powerful algicide which sanitises your pool after heavy use.
  • Also use as a weekly shock boost in conjunction with your primary sanitiser.
  • Ideal for salt pools and spas.

Pack Sizes: 400gms



Salt pool Shock

  • Use this product in spas and pools
  • Suitable for both heated and unheated water
  • Long lasting oxidiser, contains no Chlorine
  • Brightens dull water

Pack sizes: 1kg



Pool Sparkle

  • Krystal Chem Pool Sparkle works as a water conditioner and sanitiser for your pool.
  • Apply after swimming activity.
  • Will destroy any bacteria and body wastes that are lurking in your pool.
  • It is a powerful soluble which also includes water softening agents.
  • Use in conjunction with your primary sanitiser, suitable for normal chlorine and soft water pools.

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